SER-Jobs for Progress

Service Employment Redevelopment

North Miami Beach

One-Stop Career Center

North Miami Beach One-Stop Career Center

801 NE 167th Street, First Floor

North Miami Beach, FL


Beatriz Gaviria-Lopez, Director



In 1999, the Center was the first of its kind to open south of Tampa. It provides a variety of services including the following:


Job Search Assistance online and in person

Referral to Occupational Classroom Training

On-the-Job Training

A placement network to transition professionals back into the workforce

Job calendar of job fairs and recruitments

Labor market information including expected salaries, job openings and more



On a typical year, the center helps over 10,000 job seekers with an expected 35% entered employment rate.

For those who cannot find a job through basic services, 500 annually are referred to training with a planned 92% entered employment rate.

The center also helps transition families from welfare to work, serving over 200 with a 35% entered employment

The staff serves over 200 families receiving food stamps with an entered employment rate of 28%.

There is a veteranís assistance program serving over 100 and an entered employment rate of 35%.

To contact us:

Phone: 305-871-2820Fax: 305-871-5643